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"Discover Main Street PA" TV program features West Reading

The "Discover Main Street PA" TV program featuring West Reading will be airing Sunday, December 22nd, at 7:00 PM on the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN).

The program focuses on successful community revitalization efforts and will be shown statewide. The episode will highlight West Reading amenities, business district and neighborhoods.

Discover Main Street TVWest Reading is home to distinctive businesses and unique restaurants serving a variety of tastes including French, Middle Eastern, Italian, and Vietnamese cuisine. Some of the businesses to be featured on this Sunday’s program are Say Cheese, which provides a surprising number of dishes using various cheeses as main ingredients; Go Fish! boasting a fresh seafood market as well as a Sushi restaurant; and 1 Up Collectibles offering comic books, statuettes and many other items for collectors in many genres. The program will also focus on public art, housing styles, and the many ways West Reading uses beauty as part of its revitalization efforts.

NEW TIME: Airing Sunday 12/22 at 7PM on COmcast Channel 98

If Comcast is your cable provider, it will be on Channel 98. If you have a different cable provider, go here to find out which channel to view the show on. The show will also air other times during the month. Or, you can visit their site to see the video online after it airs.

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